Thanks for your interest in my blog.  Please be advised that it may contain mature themes and brutal political debate (if all goes well anyway).  If this bothers you or you're the type who's feelings are easily hurt I don't recommend that you stay.

The rules are that there are no rules!!! 

Ok, that's not entirely true:

No threats of violence

No posts that can get someone fired from their job.

No pissing me off....LOL...just kidding on that one....I'm pretty much pissed all the time anyway.

I reserve the right to change these rules daily, hourly or every freakin' 5 minutes if I so choose.  Guess what.  It's my blog!!!

Note: A screen name with Ipower Blogger is required for those wishing to post comments.  It is free and relatively painless to set up.


Ok, I'm ready to check it out. 

No thanks.  It sounds to extreme for me.  Take me somewhere more pleasant.

Have a topic you'd like to debate? Email me with your idea and I'll certainly consider it.









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